Monday, December 22, 2008

Home for the Holidays!

When classes wind down and finals week comes to a close there is a special magic in the air that seems to whisper consistently to each student at BYU that "ITS CHRISTMAS TIME!!!" ... or something like that. The truth is, only those that have had to go through a fall semester at BYU would understand what I am talking about... another semester under the belt... and as I turn to face the upcoming winter semester, I thank the heavens for the Christmas break where I can regain my balance and warm up for the next challenges ahead. Coming up next year, an 8:00 AM Geography class Monday, Wednesday, and Friday... yuck.

But before I buckle down for what promises to be an exciting adventure I get to come home and relax with the family for a couple of weeks. I must say the queen sized, pillow-top mattress awaiting me at home added some excitement to the holidays as well... :) Life here is going well. Dad had his surgery and is recovering relatively quickly. My brother is sore from snowboarding all day Saturday and whimpers a little when he has to move but he's pretty "legit" (as he would say), Mom is getting ready for our new fridge arriving today, and I am just glad to be home for a while! :)

To catch up in general...
There has been a lot of holiday celebration already this month. We went up to Salt Lake as with a group of us and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I got to hang out with my cousin,my boy, and some good friends from my ward. We got to see the lights at Temple Square and visit with a few pioneers up at This is the Place Heritage Park. It was fun to see my old friends from the summer again. I always feel loved and accepted with Brother Brigham and his wife that I love seeing them! :)
My boy and I did get to go volunteer at This is the Place the other night. It was so much fun! We nearly froze but had quite the pioneer experience. It definitely added to the spirit of a simple, non-commercialized Christmas. I know now how fortunate I am to live where and when I do. I also got to talk with some of the little children that came through our little cabin. They were all excited with the activities of the night and all had that special Christmas glow in their eyes. I will say, it was one of my favorite things I've done (and I am very glad that my boy was willing to go with me. :] )
Now it is just chillin' with the fam and watching the snow fall outside.