Sunday, October 31, 2010

On the Eve... Hallows Eve...

As it turns out, I have inherited my mother's crazy love-for-Halloween gene. It was dormant for some time but has reared its head full force the past couple of years as I have found myself on my own. What a fun time of year! You get a day to dress up and wander around and no one questions... (well you might get a "what are you?"). We are supposed to have some fun in life... why have a holiday if you don't celebrate it? Why not use the excuse? Right?

Big Bird and I did our pumpkin carving a few days ago. He got a little crazy with the knife... but they both turned out rather well!

Halloween is also the best party of the year to throw... why you might ask? Think of the endless possibilities as you ponder on possible details for a party... go ahead, it might surprise you! When else can you go pumpkin bowling? Fill jars with crazy food colored water and they fit right into the spider-web decor (which by the way is the easiest way to decorate a house for Halloween). Flickering candles give an eerie atmosphere... and the food... oh the fun you can have with food this time of year... Let your imagination run wild and feel free to run with it! It only makes it better!

The annual Halloween party was thrown on the Hallows Eve this year. (That way we could drag it out a little longer.) Big Bird has had a few laughs on my part as we have gotten ready for this year's "Monster Mash". But he had a blast and isn't too proud to admit it. :)

Our spread of food was disgustingly delicious this year. I tried to keep it simple, but with all the fun ideas out there... its difficult to choose just a few... and then there are the party favorites that we know everyone will eat (Queso Dip anyone?). Queso dip and chips became a scarcity as the night wore on, but surprisingly we had some blood worms make it through. We also had grubs (not as gross as it sounds), caramel apple dip, homemade root beer, monster toes (a Halloween party favorite), and cookie decorating. (to find recipes and directions check out What's Cooking)

The Grubs

Caramel Apple Dip

Monster Toes

The Blood Worms

And the cookie decorating station...

As I said, we had some fun pumpkin bowling... the costumes were fun... and the company pleasant. We had a pretty good turn out! Everyone from the M&M to the Wii-mote to Glinda the good witch and a Christmas tree...

Big Bird and I went as Mr. Green and Mrs. Peacock from the game Clue. Here is the handsome Mr. Green with the wrench... (sorry, I was the one behind the camera... thus I have no pictures of me...)

The costumes were fun anc

Pumpkin bowling is a favorite game for us. It consists of taking a pumpkin (we choose little ones... and we had a fake one this year...) and rolling it toward 10 water bottles... Its always a hit and it is fun to watch certain costumes throw it...

This is the Wii-mote attempting to bowl the pumpkin...

All in all we survived and had a lot of fun! Tomorrow we get to have dinner with my mom in the kitchen. Anticipation for what we will find there is terrifyingly exciting!

Friday, October 22, 2010

Pink or Blue?!

Forget seeing red... ever since finding out that we are expecting everything little that I walk by at the stores seems to call to the little one inside me. I have been on a crazy boy-girl roller coaster the last couple of months as I have been asked what we are having... Torn between the cute little frilly accessories that can adorn your little girl's hair to the little missionary ties that can match father and son. It is literally driving me baby crazy!!!

Well, the tallies have been counted and the Doctor consulted. We finally know that we are expecting a little BOY!!! The ties won out this time and now our vision is a mass of blue. Big Bird has had a difficult time keeping his giant smile under wraps when talking about it. What an incredible experience to have... There is a little person inside this large protruding belly! It has a spine, a beating heart, a brain, little eyes, a nose... a stomach...tiny little hands and feet. He's completely formed, just a mini version of his dad. A very good reason for me to be expanding and throwing up...

I can't describe how humbling it has been to know that I have been entrusted to carry and care for this little precious bundle of boy (I mean joy...). He is coming to us totally and completely dependent on us and we are supposed to guide and direct him through life to become a successful adult (who won't be so small).

A few days ago, I had someone tell me I should have a boy... and ever since I have not been able to shake an underlying excitement for having a boy. I couldn't be more excited! Thanks for all the support and love from you all! Its going to be quite the adventure. :) Time to work on the nest a little... :)

Friday, October 8, 2010

I know I am way overdue in the blogging world. The semester picked up shortly after my last post and has not given me a break. Technically, I'm too busy to be writing this right now... but the stress level is high enough I knew I needed a break. What better way to de-stress than to write? :)

Today's post is brought to you by...

my ninja hippo... because he's just about the most amazing creature ever! :)

Sorry the post is so short right now... but... its time to get back to the school projects! Love you all!