Saturday, March 12, 2011

One Week Old Already?!

Never before has one week felt like such a lifetime... I cannot believe that it has already been a whole week... That I've been a mom for a whole week... Life changed so dramatically last Saturday, yet it feels so right and like we've been a family forever... (that could also be the lack of sleep...)

We had lots of family visit us in the hospital and we wanted to thank you all for coming to share our special time with us. It got kinda boring there in the hospital for the most part. We have also had all sorts of help from Grandma LeBaron this week and meals brought to us from people in our ward. We are so grateful for the love and support and help and company that we have been blessed with. We can't thank you enough.

Brayden has smitten everyone he has met and his mom and dad can't get enough of him. Even on the night we had major stomach issues and a discovery of how well his lungs work... but who couldn't just love this face? I shall let his pictures speak for him... :)

Daddy gets to feed too!

Out like a light...

Takin' a nap with Uncle Ben

Great-grandma LeBaron

Grandpa LeBaron insists that they have connected

Great-grandma Barker is fairly smitten as well

First Bath... was quite a success!

Asleep in the swing... how we love that swing... and that baby!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby-bird!

Friday March 4th, began as a I resigned to the fact that this baby is never going to come. Big Bird got up to get ready for work and I figured I was up anyway, I may as well be a good wife (for once) and make breakfast. The pancakes were delicious and a pretty good way to start off the day. I felt better at least.

Mom came to pick me up to attend a cooking class before my check-up with the doctor... I was really hoping I wouldn't have to go back to the doctor again this week, but... the week has come and gone and I am still as fat and stretched as ever. Mom was determined to get answers from the doctor, and to make sure he did what he could to get this baby to come. :)

I enjoyed the class and we made it on time to the doctor's office. Bryce was able to come to the appointment as well so he got to be the one to ask the questions as we met the final doctor at the office. He was nice and friendly... and as it turns out, my favorite of the doctors... why you ask? :)

My appointment was at 11:20. We asked him what to do about my stretched-to-the-point-of-bleeding skin and he said cream works to keep the itching down... (not too helpful)... I was dilated to 3 cm and he stripped some of the membrane for me. (this is why he is my favorite doctor).

Mom and I spent the afternoon crafting some holiday decorations and discussing future projects we want to undertake. Big Bird came home early (3:00) and we decided to watch White Collar before we left for our house to spend another evening wishing I wasn't at home. :) It was about this time that my stomach cramps became a little more painful. I watched White Collar and the clock for the first half hour and decided that the pain was coming at fairly regular intervals... my mom and my darling hubby told me we had to finish the episode before we could decide whether it was time to go to the hospital to check. I did. Ironic eh? I have spent the last month waiting and praying for this kid to come and when he finally decides its time, it is inconvenient for me. ;)

4:30 we are in the car on the way to the hospital. The freeway is at a complete stop so we decide to take the long way around to the hospital. Big Bird was playing the 7th book of Harry Potter to keep his nerves calm and I focused very hard on what was happening in the book... and breathing through the pain...

5:00 we are at the hospital, it is hard to walk into the room where they evaluate me, but after getting my information I am dilated to 5cm and my contractions are coming at 2 minute intervals... The nurse asks, "wanna stay and have a baby?" I go into minor shock...

I am moved into my labor and delivery room by about 6:00 as the nurses prepare my IV. Seriously, this was the worst part. The first one botched the IV so the second time she had to put it higher in my arm and she still had a hard time finding the vein (which rolled when she tried to put the needle in). They have to run a full bag of IV fluid through my system before anesthesia could come in and start the epidural... so I let them put it through rapidly...

The epidural was a scary part for me, but the pain of the contractions reminded me that it was the only way for me to go. I kept telling myself that it would all be better after, that it would all be worth it... and it was. I was numb before my parents arrived and we chatted for a while and found a movie (Patch Adams) to watch. My best friend arrived a little later as I invited her (who wants to be a labor and delivery nurse) to be there with me.

The doctor came in to break my water and discovered miconium in the fluid. He explained to me that it was fairly normal, but it meant we would have someone from respiratory here to make sure he didn't breath it into his system. They would clean him up and then hand him to me. I was glad we were at the hospital.

They had me practice push at 11:00. It was harder than I thought it would be... its hard to bend around your watermelon far enough to make a difference. We began actually pushing shortly after... about 3 hours later I was still pushing. The nurse came in with a strategy to help me that included a game of tug-o-war with my husband every time I needed to push... (which explains why my shoulders and arm muscles are sore today)

As he finally crowned the doctor discovered the cord around his neck that was too tight for him to pull over his head (it was fairly big) so he had to cut it and deliver quickly. It also meant that the entire respiratory team rushed in to try to get him to start breathing... it was a tense few minutes for me and my hubby, but the doctor was calm and he started screaming and my nerves calmed slightly.

March 5th: 2:43 am 9lbs 2oz 20 in long. My baby boy was born. I got to hold him at about 3:15 for the first time. Words cannot describe how precious that moment was for me (despite the fact I was still being stitched up...). I realized that I was officially a mommy and that this precious little boy was depending on my to take care of him and love him, and raise him to be successful. I could feel the warmth of his brand new spirit and the calm and peace washed over me as the epidural began to wear off.

We got to fall asleep around 5:00 am which was easier said than done for me... every muscle in my body seemed to be confused about what their function was. The doctor warned me that I would be very sore and swollen since he was so big and despite the episiotomy I tore anyway. I am definitely feeling it now... but Brayden is so very much worth it! I had no idea how much I could love someone... I just want to shout it to the world and show him off to everybody! (Thank goodness for blogs eh?!)

By they way... he is SUPER cute. All of the nurses can't get over how big and cute he is. his little shirt is a belly shirt and he has rolli-polli thighs. Possibly the cutest baby EVER... yep... he is.

Happy Birthday my little baby boy! Welcome to the world!

Thanks to Ali for the pictures!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Eviction Notice

Today is supposed to be the day... this little guy is far from acting like he wants to come out anytime soon... I must just offer an environment far too cozy... Turns out, eviction notices can only be made for people who have been born... *sigh* I guess this mom-to-be will have to practice a little more patience... he'd better be cute...

Yes, the smile here is... slightly forced...