Friday, July 20, 2012


Coincidence? It was too perfect for that."Divine intervention seems to fit the bill today... I'd like to call it a "tender mercy," but honestly, it wasn't so tender today... merciful? Probably. What on earth am I talking about? Well, where do I begin?

This particular intervention has come over the past few weeks. My most amazing friend invited me to attend a class at the local institute with her for the summer "semester." Anyone is welcome to register, so we decided we would take "Women in the Scriptures" together. What a blessing this has been in my life. I owe a lot to that dear friend... (more than just this I assure you.)

I have learned a lot already in this class. The past few classes we have talked about trials and how we can make it through them by reading the examples of these incredible women. Today we talked about Deborah the judge of Ephraim (Judges 18-25 roughly). What an interesting story. I seriously does make a great read... but the message was for me today, and I didn't even know it yet. 

The class ended in the early afternoon. My mother was willing to watch Brayden which allowed me to give my full attention to the message. We discussed how Deborah was sought for her wisdom and faith in God. She addressed Barak with a question, calling him out. When he told her that he would go to war if she would come with him, she said, "surely I will go..." She knew that God would deliver their enemies to them should they remain righteous. 

What an incredible faith. She showed immense support to Barak in his time of need. As a wife I can provide that same type of support and faith for my husband. I can remind him that God will take care of us, even if it looks like we are outnumbered (so to speak).  It was an uplifting class (as usual) and my friend and I discussed it (among other things) on our way home. 

A few hours later I received some... less-than-exciting news from my husband. Initially... I was less than Deborah-like. I retaliated with a bit of anger (I admit it). But after having a little while to cool off, the lesson from earlier today kept going through my head. I realized that this stress was worse for my poor husband who was trying to decide whether or not "to go to battle" (figuratively, of course). He needed a Deborah and God knew that, I knew that. And so... am I a modern day Deborah? I sure hope so... at least a little more than yesterday... 

Thanks be to God for the many blessings in my life. Thanks to a strong and courageous husband, father, and patriarch of our home. These two men are my providers and will forever be.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Vital Records Section 1 + Printables

This week I am focusing on Section One of my Vital Records binder: the Address and Contact Section. It seems to me that this will be important to have any number I might need at my fingertips in case I don't have my phone for some reason. Plus, having these all in one place makes it super convenient when I need to quickly look something up... I think of it as a personal yellow pages.

Being the OCD that I am I like my pages to match. At least closely... I could not find anywhere that combined all the things into one place for me. So I have created my own pages and being as excited and generous as I am, I would like to share these with you as well. Yes, I AM a nerd.

First, I'd like to gather some of the most important numbers. Just remember I.C.E. (In Case of Emergency). These are the most important numbers. And so my section will look a lot like this:

Addresses Supply List:
·        I.C.E.- In Case of Emergency phone numbers* (print out on both sides of the page for a one-stop-shop for all my number needs!)
·        Contacts: Family & Friends* (a sort of directory for my family as well as my husband's family)
     Ward & Stake Directory (from
·        Business Contacts* (I keep track of doctor's numbers, etc.)
      Business card sheet protector (for the business cards of businesses important to me...)
·        Christmas Card List* (It will be saved and I will be glad I don't have to start from scratch if I lose my computer.)

*printable template

Print out as many copies as you need. I used them to create a sort of address book. Hope you find these helpful. Please let me know if you like them (or if you don't... just please, be nice about it...)! 

I have some other organizing projects coming up! I can't wait to get them underway! Keep an eye out for some coupon-ing love! 

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sweet Sixteen

My darling sister-in-law recently turned 16. I had some trouble coming up with something to give her. Then, I remembered the "survival kit" that I received when I was in her place a few years a go... So I amped it up a notch (or two) and came up with my own version of a "Sweet Sixteen Survival Kit."

I found this amazing box at ROSS and spent some time experimenting with different things to fill it up. I had my "Prince Charming" from my single days that I thought should finally be passed on... and I made her some custom jewelry, and (of course) made some cute tags with the "survival tips" to attach to everything.

Some of the items that were in this kit were:
Prince Charming- to remind you of the qualities you are looking for.
Body Lotion set "Pamper"- Take some time for yourself once in a while. 
Nail Polish- enjoy a little color in life
Jewelry- You are unique and very precious
Key- The Keys to your success are held by YOU!
Life Savers- Everyone needs a little help sometimes.
Kisses- For us to share our love for you. For you to share (or not)
Nut Roll- Its ok to be a little crazy sometimes.
Bandages- To heal any hurt.
Among a few others. 

If you want to use the tags for your own birthday (doesn't have to be a sweet 16) I have a little printable for you! All I ask is for a little comment love if you do use it! Let me know what you think! 

click the picture to go to the full document

Monday, July 9, 2012

Vital Records + Freebie

With the western states up in flames, it calls to question just how prepared and organized I am for a possible evacuation. What would I grab if I had 30 minutes before I need to leave? 10 minutes? mere moments? Would I have all the documents and important items that we'd need in case we couldn't go back?

It has sparked (sorry, pun not intended) the motivation I needed to put one of my planned projects into action. The Vital Record's Binder. A collection of the important documents and information we might possibly need. It takes so much less time to grab one binder than run around the house trying to remember in a hurry.

I have not completely finished collecting everything, but as I finish it I am excited to share it with you. That said, I have done some looking around for ideas and inspiration on this particular preparedness project. One of the best ones I've seen is here at (a favorite preparedness blog of mine) Prepared NOT Scared. There are also some great page ideas over at Your Own Home Store and All Things Simple. You can also check out my Pinterest board here for more links to ideas.

It can be a little daunting to take on a task that seems so important and vast as emergency preparedness, but if I take it one step at a time, it seems plausible... I am also a very visual person, aesthetics is key in getting me excited about something.

Step 1 for me then is to: start with some structure and the organization, and I had to make it cute. So here is my freebie for you! Its one of my first so I am very excited to share it!
Vital Records Cover and Tabs
Pictures and specifics to come. But for now, All you need to get started is:

  • a binder. (At least 1.5". I am working on mine and am thinking 2" or even 3" will give me a little more available space to work with... depending on how much stuff you want to collect.)
  • page protectors. (Costco has the best deal on these as you can get 250 sheets for about $12.)
  • card-stock paper to print the tab dividers on. (or you can have it printed someplace like Kinkos or something... if you do, let me know if it works! I'd like to know)
  • Tabs. (you can purchase a package of tabs that stick to your page protectors. They come in packages either clear or colorful. I used Martha Stewart's line from Staples. They are cuter... and easier to use!)
Step 1: Print off the divider pages and add them to your binder in the order that you choose. (I purposely made it so the order could be fairly flexible)
Step 2: Add tabs to divider pages
Step 3: Begin collecting the important documents that you know the location of. The individual pages have more specific guidelines and ideas that could be helpful as you start your collection. 

I compiled a list from a few different places to create my list of useful documents. Personally, I do not have all the sorts of documents that others might, so I tried to include those that anyone could have. Let me know if I'm missing any you might think of... I have thought of creating a blank one (so it can be filled in individually as you go). Let me know if you think that might be a good idea. 

Please, let me know if you use it, love it, or find any typos! (Especially as this is my first-ever freebie!) Leave me a comment! I LOVE comments. Good Luck!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Ba {ll}

As he points to those magical spheres he excitedly exclaims "Ba-ow." Translation: Ball. It is our first word and I couldn't be more thrilled. Our little man is learning so much and is growing so fast. He will fold his arms (for about 2 seconds) when we say "we are going to say a prayer now" and when we are finished he will add his own "May-mem." Translation: Amen.

He loves to read his books, roll cars around the house, and help with the laundry and dishes. He is a good eater, though he only eats it if it looks the same as our food. He loves to walk, run, and go backwards and recently he started leading us by the hand.

 He is a water baby. We took him swimming at the hotel swimming pool and when he saw his flotation device, he couldn't wait to go down. He carried it all the way to the pool from the 6th floor! If we offered to take it for him (or even touch it for that matter) he would give us the "look" and pull it away. He is very helpful for sure.

The "look"
Oh the simple joys of a mother's life!


Our landlords have officially sold our duplex to a nice couple about our age. The couple has now officially decided that they are going to move in to our side of the duplex and rent the other side. Unfortunately, the other side is not built for a family... more of a newlywed couple space and therefore is too small for our (mostly our little guy) needs. Naturally, that means we get to move.

It has been a roller coaster of emotion. The first initial panic and desperate confusion of finding out we were being uprooted without having a say in the matter. The over zealous excitement that we could move away from the problems this house has tormented me with the last little while. The irritation of having strangers come through my house to see it, and the demolition of my plants in the garden (a story that still irritates me a little). The exhaustion of spending 12 hours looking at different apartments around the valley trying to find a place that we can fit into, expand our family, and still afford... The stress of the looming move as we need to be out by August 1st.

Now we are starting to finally feel good about the eventual move. We have been calmed by that ever abiding spirit that we are being directed and guided toward what is best for our family in our next steps in life. We found a couple of places we like (and in our price range which is a feat!) and we are slowly picking up steam in our excitement at the prospect of a little (much needed) change.

Bitter? Yes. We love the people in our ward here. We love the strength that the students around here exhibit as they themselves experience what we are going through. I like having people who can relate to me and my situation because they are going through it too... right now! Not to mention there is so much love here. We have been in this house since we got married. This has been our life for almost 3 years now. We are comfortable and there is security in that. So today I am sad. Sad that I have to leave my beloved ward members. But I hope that I can still stay in touch with as many as I can. (I hope they will still invite me to join them in their interest groups too!)

The unknown is scary, but exciting. I know the Lord is guiding us, I just wish he could have let me know a little earlier, then again, maybe springing it on me was for the best too...

We still don't know where we will be moving to, but I will try to keep everyone updated as things progress. Much love!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Life is Good.

There is so much to be happy about. There is so much beauty in the world. I find it tempting to focus on the horrible things happening around us. The charred mountainside and smoky air. It can be difficult at times to keep an eye open to the positive. That is one reason I admire my husband so much. He always has a keen sense of the "silver lining."

But I have been reminded... again... of the beauty that this world has for us. The sun shinning through the window, the bird's serenade in the cool of the morning. A slight mountain breeze teasing my curls gently as I chase my darling little boy. Fresh air this weekend. Quiet, natural beauty.

Life is Good. What more can I say?