Friday, November 19, 2010

The Bump

Mostly there are bumps in the road... sometimes we call these things road blocks, snags, detours... right now, life seems to be going rather smoothly, except for one large bump...

and its starting be become a blockade for a multitude of things I used to do very easily... Like tying my own shoes, picking up stuff off the floor, curling up in a ball to read a good book... all these things I can still do, for the most part, but are getting steadily difficult as the little guy inside me continues to grow. There are some perks though, I now look like I am pregnant which reminds me and my dear husband why I am achy and slightly miserable sometimes... and though its unpleasant sometimes our little guy will be worth it. (Mom keeps telling me...) When he gets a burst of energy I can feel it and what an amazing feeling to have a little person dancing around in your stomach... The body is an amazing thing and these little ones are such an incredible miracle. (although he would be so much cuter if he didn't kick until the early morning...)

We are at 25 weeks and 3 days today. Said the doctor as we met with him again. The next time I'll see the doctor will be in my 3rd trimester! Can you believe that? I can't... until this little guy kicks me again... then I can't wait! :)

Just thought I'd share a short update... more to come soon!

Friday, November 12, 2010

The Golden Family Tree

One day my father took me into the forest behind our house. We walked for what seemed like forever. During the walk I saw so many beautiful trees. There were flower trees, fruit trees, bronze, and silver trees... As we came to the center of the forest we stopped at a breathtaking golden tree. It sparkled in the sunlight and I couldn't believe something so beautiful existed. My father explained to me that this was our family tree. Each leaf on this tree represented a member of my family. It was now my job to take care of the tree and protect it from anyone who might want to hurt our tree. It was important that I not show anyone where our tree was, should anything happen to it, bad things could happen.

Who should show up the next day but the... lumberjack... that's right! The LUMBERJACK!!! For some reason he was determined to find and cut down my family tree. (Rude, I know.) He threatened me and I found myself in the forest trying to trick him into cutting down any other tree... but he figured out what tree was mine. I was frantic. He told me that he would give me three days to decide who to save... My father explained to me that if I picked a leaf to replant those people could be saved, but the ones to die on the tree would disappear and it would be as though they did not even exist. I could only choose 4 leaves. What a terrible responsibility for a 16 year old girl!

Who would you choose? Who in your family deserves to be saved? Lucky for me, I woke up and my family was all safe... but what if? The reality of my life is that I have  been instructed to take care of my family "tree". By finding and doing the work for my ancestors I can cultivate my golden tree and save those in my family from the terrible fate of the lumberjack.

We are happy to share our experiences with you as we learn about our family and how to find the information that can be useful for your own family trees. We hope you join us on our journey!

Jessica & Bryce